To uninstall, delete the cluster.

To delete a cluster, run the kubeadm Reset command on all master nodes.

Kubeadm Reset Command:

$ kubeadm reset 

Next, run the Nirmata Agent Cleanup on the hostgroup using the Nirmata Cleanup command.

Nirmata Cleanup Command:

systemctl stop nirmata-agent.service && systemctl disable nirmata-agent.service && rm -rf /etc/systemd/system/nirmata-agent.service

After running the Nirmata Cleanup command, the symlink is removed and the host moves to an unknown status in the host group.

Finally, cleanup the Kubernetes cluster using the Cleanup Kubernetes Cluster command.

Cleanup Kubernetes Cluster Command:

wget https://github.com/nirmata/custom-scripts/blob/master/cleanup-script.sh
chmod 755 cleanup-script.sh