Solution Overview

Nirmata is designed to complement and complete Kubernetes for enterprise DevOps teams. Nirmata provides value “below” Kubernetes for application-aware infrastructure management, manages Kubernetes components, and provides value “above” Kubernetes for application delivery and workload management.

The Nirmata solution is non-intrusive and easy to use. It integrates with your current tools and does not try to hide, or abstract-away, the powerful abstractions provided by Kubernetes and the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) layers.

In many ways, Nirmata acts as an “out-of-band” management system. With Nirmata you can focus on higher-level policy-based development and operations workflows, but can also directly use the underlying systems whenever needed.

This unique architectural approach allows full visibility and control, and yet provides the benefits of a complete platform. You can configure your cloud or data center resources, using each provider’s security and management best practices and then use Nirmata to orchestrate and manage applications across providers.


Nirmata provides the following features:

For IT Ops and Platform Teams

For Developers