Digital Ocean Host Group

To create a Digital Ocean Host Group, you must first setup a Digital Ocean Cloud Provider.

Nirmata integrates with Digital Ocean APIs to automate container host provisioning. To enable this automation, you must first create a VM template.

Launch a Linux droplet in Digital Ocean. Then, connect to the VM and setup Nirmata agent by running the following command:

sudo curl -sSL | sudo sh -s -- --cloud digitalocean

Now, power down the droplet and create an image snapshot from the Images page. This image should be selected when creating a host group for your Digital Ocean provider


Next, create a Host Group by selecting the Digital Ocean cloud provider, specifying the number of desired hosts, region and selecting the VM image created earlier. Select the droplet size.



Once this is done, Nirmata will create and setup droplets (VMs). Once the VMs are powered on, they will connect to Nirmata SaaS. Now you can create applications and deploy them to your Digital Ocean resources.