Microsoft Azure Cloud Provider

Nirmata utilizes Azure Active Directory for authentication. Be sure that Azure Active Directory is setup before adding Microsoft Azure as a Cloud Provider in Nirmata.

Click here for instructions on setting up Azure Active Directory.

To add Microsoft Azure as a Cloud Provider in Nirmata, enter the Subscription ID, Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret.

How to Obtain Client ID

To find a Client ID in Microsoft Azure, login to the Azure account and use the sidebar menu to navigate to the active directory created for Nirmata. Open Settings and note the Application ID.

Note: Application ID and Client ID are the same.


Create an Azure Application for Nirmata

Next, create an Azure Application in the Resources Group of Azure. This application will be used for Nirmata deployment.

To create an Azure Application, sign in to the Azure portal.

From the sidebar menu, select Azure Active Directory and then App Registration.

Select New Application Registration.


In the Create page, enter the application registration information.

Enter as the Webpage/API interface. Use the same Subscription ID as the current Resource Group.


Locate the Directory ID (Tenant ID) by opening the Azure Active Directory and then navigating to Properties. Note the Directory ID (Tenant ID).


Generate the Client Secret (Client Key)

The Client Secret (Client Key) is required to for Nirmata access to the Azure Application.

To create a Client Secret (Client Key) in Microsoft Azure, open the Azure Application and then Settings.


Select Keys and make note copy the key value.


Cohesive Environment Requirements

Confirm that all nodes can communicate and will allow Nirmata to create a Host Group.

Verify Active Resource Group for the Cluster

Fist, confirm there is an active Resource Group for the cluster.

Sign in to the Azure portal. Sign in to the Azure portal and select Resource Groups from the sidebar menu.

Select +Add and provide a name and location for the resource group. Click Create.


Click Refresh to view the newly created Resource Group.


Confirm Security Groups are Configured Correctly

Review Microsoft Azure security groups and apply the correct security levels.

Confirm Accessible Storage Account

Click here for instructions on creating an Accessible Storage Account.

Note: If the cluster requires public access, be sure to allow public IP’s to the nodes and to configure the networking security groups to allow ssh.

For a increased security, create a bastion host in the same subnet with a public IP. Then ssh to each node from a single point.

Add Cloud Provider to Nirmata

Select Cloud Providers from the sidebar menu.

Complete the information in the Add Cloud Provider wizard.

Enter Cloud Provider information then click Next.


Enter Cloud Provider settings then click Next.


Nirmata automatically validates account access. Once account access is validated, setup an Azure Host Group.

Next Steps: Setup a azure-host-group Host Group.