GCE Cloud Provider

To add Google Compute Engine (GCE) as a Cloud Provider in Nirmata, add the Service Account Key.

Locate the Service Account Key in GCE

A GCE service account key allows services outside of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to communicate with GCE.

To locate the service account key, login to GCP Console and open IAM & admin.

Select a project from the drop down menu and click Open.


Select Service Accounts from the sidebar menu.


Locate the service account, click the More more_vert button in that row, and then click Create.

Select the Key Type and click Create.

The privateKeyData returned is a base64-encoded string representation of the JSON or P12 key/credentials.

Save the JSON file in a secure, accessible location.

Add GCE Service Account Key to Nirmata

To add the GCE Service Account Key to Nirmata, select Cloud Providers from the sidebar menu. Select +Add Cloud Provider.


Enter the Cloud Provider information. Select Google Cloud Platform as the Type. Click Next.


On the Settings tab, drop the service account key JSON file or select from the file directory. Click Next.


Nirmata automatically validates account access. Once account access is validated, setup a Google Host Group.

Next Steps: Setup a gce-host-group Host Group.